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Your gift is tax deductible as from € 40. You will receive a tax certificate for 2019 and can deduct 45% of your donation under Belgian legislation. If you donate 100 euros, your taxes will be deducted in 2019 with 45 euros. Invoices will not be provided for donations. Your full donation will be entirely used for brain research conducted by the 4Brain Research Team at Ghent University. For dedicated sponsoring, invoices can be provided, please use our ‘partnership’ tab’. In case of an invoice, no fiscal certificate can be provided.

Sponsors of Carl Mourisse

Carl Mourisse €500
veroniek mourisse €100
Tom De Wilde €50
Bruno Keeris €50
Katlijn De Koninck €100
Alain De Mol €50
Ghislaine Vervaeke €50
Matthieu Boutens €50
Stefaan Ottevaere €100
Paul De Paepe €50

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