In the first edition, on 14 October 2018, 60 runners from six countries ran the race and raised over € 80.000. The money is used to fund an additional monitoring unit in the Ghent University Hospital.

Tax certificate

Some of you may not have received a tax certificate yet as this is dependent on how your donation was made. 

  • When you donated via manual wiretransfer, your money was directly transferred to the account of Ghent University. In this case, you have already received your tax certificate. Please contact us if this is not the case.
  • If you donated via online payment via our website, your money was transferred to an account registered with Schelstraete Delacourt Associates. This money was donated to the University in January 2019, following the official ending of the donation period up till 31.12.2018. This means that you will receive the tax certificate in 2020. Even if you donated in 2018, you can still recuperate the donated money in 2020. Next year, we plan to close the donation sooner to allow transfer of money in the same fiscal year.